Several Cable Companies Plan on Raising Prices in January

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TV lovers aren’t going to be thrilled to hear the news that cable providers Comcast, DirecTV, and Dish all plan on raising prices in the new year. writes that Comcast announced months ago that they plan on hiking up their prices for Houstonians. Now, they’ve confirmed that the increase will be “…from a $4.50 more for Comcast’s Digital Premier service ($139.99 to $144.49) to about $4 for a package of two premium channels ($19.99 to $24) to $2 for most standalone internet services,” each month.

Broadcasting and Cable reports that Americans will typically see an increase from $1 – $5 a month from Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, and Cox Communications. More specifically, Dish Network users will notice a $3 increase in the Welcome Pack and a $5 increase in their most popular “Americas Top 120” package, making it $74.99 a month. DirecTV fans will see the largest difference in price if they have Ultimate Premier package, which will increase by a whopping $8 each month. DirecTV users who have the Family package will be happy to hear their bill will remain the same, and the Select Choice package will only increase by $2.

Cable companies cite the cost of programming to be the main reason why bills are increasing.