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Canyon of the Eagles Resort & Burnet are Hallmarks in Hospitality

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The stars definitely do shine big and bright in Burnet, and one of the best places for gazing at those diamonds in the sky is the Canyon of the Eagles Resort. On the shore of Lake Buchanan, nestled by a 940-acre private nature park, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to this Calibre Resort. Night skies that aren’t diminished by man-made light pollution, scenic beauty that spans beyond the horizon in the daylight, and hospitality that is often imitated but never duplicated. Their specials and packages, programs and on-/off-site activity recommendations will have you giddy with relaxation, fun and overall awe.

Canyon of the Eagles Resort

Canyon of the Eagles Resort & Burnet, TX – Hallmarks in Hill Country Hospitality

Photo: Kevin VanDivier for Canyon of the Eagles Resort

Start your day out right with a wholesome breakfast at The Overlook Restaurant, rightfully named for its panoramic views of Hill Country. But the award-winning menu together with the scenery is just the start of what awaits a full day at the resort. In the warmer months, you can work up a vacation-worthy tan and selfie-stash by participating in the numerous water activities available to resort guests. Kayaking, paddle-boating, sailing and fishing are just a few things that will whet (or wet) your appetite for fun.

And for those that like cooler days and night from September through April, weekends are prime for the Shake, Rattle & Coil seminar on the resort patio, featuring local snakes and reptiles (managed by a proper resort host of course). And if reptiles aren’t your thing there are seasonal wildlife programs taking place at the resort amphitheater. Call ahead for details on seminars that might interest you or your group at 800-977-0081, or visit the resort website to see their activity calendar and list of educational programs at

Burnet, TX

Canyon of the Eagles Resort & Burnet, TX – Hallmarks in Hill Country Hospitality


The City of Burnet itself has many more things to do for the curious traveler. Mid-march through April there are bluebonnets as far as the eye can see! And the Hill Country ambience is hard to resist amongst the many antique and stores that surround the Courthouse on the Square. But, the appeal of the Canyon of the Eagles Premium Adventures (made possible through partnerships with local tourism initiatives), will have you on the edge of your seat – be that on the deck of a 70-foot cruise boat or seated at your box lunch after a Texas Hill Country wine tour.

Eagle Eye Observatory

Canyon of the Eagles Resort & Burnet, TX – Hallmarks in Hill Country Hospitality

Photo: Keith Hajovsky

But, if darkness is calling your inner nomad, then look to daytime caving at Longhorn Cavern State Park. The start of the 1.25-mile cave tour route opens with 52 stairs leading to the approximate 1-hour and 20-minute tour route.

Top that off back at the Canyon of the Eagles Resort where you can spend an evening stargazing at Eagle Eye Observatory, managed by the Austin Astronomical Society. The observatory has not one, but two, high-powered telescopes allowing you to feast your eyes on celestial beauty while you sigh quietly and make your wish upon a shooting star. There’s more than eagles soaring up above this canyon, and although you may not “boldly go where no man has gone before,” you’ll be glad you made your own personal voyage.