Car Vending Machine Opens in Houston

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Of all the things you can get from a vending machine, the day that cars came from one seemed like something out of the ‘Jetsons’. Yet here we are in 2016 and a car vending machine has opened in Houston, Texas!

An online vehicle sales team called “Carvana” has opened its second car vending machine in the United States on December 14, in the great state of Texas. The first of its kind was established in Nashville, TN, and like all other Texas things, go big or go home! The Houston unit measures 8 stories in height, holding up to thirty cars, which is 3 stories larger than the Nashville establishment. NBC DFW posted this video on how successfully the machine operates on its Facebook page:

Phoenix-based Carvana enables customers to search for and purchase their vehicle online, complete with financing arrangements and accommodation for trade-ins. When their purchase is finished, the customer can opt to pick it up at the car vending machine, or have the vehicle delivered to their home.

The vending machine option is free of charge, and those that select this are given a special coin with which to operate it. Like most similar units, they place the coin in the slot, and the process gets started. Ryan Keeton, co-founder of Caravana explained, “We really want to make car buying fun again.” And they appear to have done so, in the process, constructing a vending machine you won’t be able to shake if the product gets stuck!