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What, You Ask, Does Castell Have to Offer in the Texas Hill Country?

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Being quite the quaint, little town, Castell, grew roots in 1847. Its history identifies that it was settled as a land grant by “German free-thinkers,” and the town’s website proudly proclaims that “it remains so today.” Located in Llano County, on the shores of the Llano River, the town prides itself on remaining simple. Their 2010 census comprised of a total of 110 people and they’ve proudly been a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark since 1964.

What, You Ask, Does Castell Have To Offer In The Texas Hill Country? Plenty!

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Content to be the home to a hardy stock of Texan, many generations of pioneers, independent and staunchly protective of their rights (doesn’t sound like they’re Texan at all does it?!) And you can’t judge an 110-page book by its cover. Castellians (if we may be so bold) aren’t backwards by any stretch of the imagination. Their town is home to a digital recording/video studio, as well as a number of artists and writers, and quite progressive in their mindset regarding their unincorporated riverside town.

What, You Ask, Does Castell Have To Offer In The Texas Hill Country? Plenty!

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With several historic buildings and beautiful Llano River views, a tourist or future town resident could definitely get used to this place. Fishing, kayaking, camping, and hunting are easily accessible and supported activities in Castell, and when you add in the General Store, Post Office, and Community Club, you’ve got yourself a full house (in card-playing terms). There’s not much more you could want for if you’re looking for a peaceful little town to visit, enjoy some music and marvel in the solitude and quiet. Two campgrounds and two additional lodgings can easily accommodate you or your family, as well as any budget.

What, You Ask, Does Castell Have To Offer In The Texas Hill Country? Plenty!

Photo: Facebook/Lodge at Deep Creek

And in a rare treat, Castell is home base to a professional recording studio where, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can let the Llano River be your inspiration and go in to cut an album (ok for GenX and below, maybe it’s “record your digital mix.”). So there you have it. With so much to offer, all for your Texas Hill Country travel and downtime enjoyment, get on out there and camp to your heart’s content, listen to the lulling sounds of the Llano, and meet some of the local artists, writers, and creative-type folk that make up the spine of Castell, Texas.


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