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Alsatian Festival of Texas: Making Memories in Castroville

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After over 175 incredible years, there’s still nothing quite like Castroville. Its culture lives on in this Texas Hill Country town that works hard to keep it that way. Established by French Alsatians in 1844, this picturesque town is located just 22 miles west of downtown San Antonio and combines its multicultural roots in order to make for an amazingly entertaining getaway at the Alsatian Festival of Texas.

This year’s Festival is on Saturday, October 9, 2021, starting at 4 p.m. and wrapping up at 11 p.m. at Koenig Park in Castroville, Texas. The purpose of the Alsatian Festival of Texas is to help preserve the Alsatian culture, which was the founding cornerstone of Castroville, and feature its highlights for all ages, especially children. Those who have visited Alsace, France, and experienced its warm and welcoming atmosphere want to share that same feeling of cultural identity and happiness here in Castroville. The Alsatian Festival of Texas welcomes everyone to partake of Alsatian food, beer and wine. You can also listen and participate in a singalong complete with accordion music (acclaimed accordionist Davy Suehs & the Alsatian Cousins Band) with authentic music and watch an unforgettable performance by the Alsatian Dancers of Texas.

Alsatian Festival of Texas: Making Memories in Castroville

Photo: Typical Alsatian Food

Despite the French connection, Alsatian foods incorporate decidedly Germanic culinary appeal. Typically, you’ll see generous portions. Their meals are quite substantial, and as a visitor to the Alsatian Festival of Texas, you’re guaranteed not to leave on an empty stomach! Sausage has been known to take a leading role in such prior Castroville events, and one could bet good money it will again. Other Alsatian foods featured will be Parisa, Flammekueche and Crepes. Not only that, but Alsace, France, continues to be known as an important wine-producing area. With that tradition in mind, Castroville also welcomes its guests to sample Alsatian wines, including Riesling, Gewuerztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Cremant.

Alsatian Festival of Texas: Making Memories in Castroville

Photo: @Pelagija via Twenty20

Likewise, known as a featured beer-producing region of its homeland, Castroville invites visitors to partake of great brews as part of the upcoming Festival. Their Alsatian counterparts have been known to popularize such brands as Kronenbourg 1664 and Kronenbourg Blanc, in particular, as well as the Bavarian Beer, Warsteiner; all will be featured prominently at the Festival.

Alsatian Festival of Texas: Making Memories in Castroville

Photo: Alsatian Dancers in Castroville, Texas

Traditional food, drink and family fun will make up the backbone of the Alsatian Festival of Texas. Always needing a new generation to carry the torch, the townspeople ensure that their knowledge and traditions are passed on and shared through this powerful celebration. Young, old, and all ages in between are well represented throughout those who host the event and those who participate. It’s almost a sacred honor to be a part of this celebration. The Alsatian Festival is community-focused, with a high level of interest and enthusiasm, all for the greater good of the town and its people.

Alsatian Festival of Texas: Making Memories in Castroville

Photo: Castroville’s Alsatian Ambassadors

And what festival would be complete without music and folkloric dancing? The Alsatians are known as a close-knit community that often celebrates with a band and a featured dance group, which is a tradition that has been carried on in Castroville’s Texas Hill Country roots for years. To see and experience Alsatian dancers locally is something akin to a moment of freedom. It’s a joy to watch and participate in, and you can find it plentiful at the upcoming Alsatian Festival of Texas.

Alsatian Festival of Texas: Making Memories in Castroville

Photo: Alsatian Dancers at the Ecomusée d’Alsace, France in 2017

This gathering is designed to celebrate, preserve, and share the beautiful heritage, history, language, food, and drink that lives on in the Lone Star State. The Alsatian Festival of Texas is open to everyone! Locals and townspeople will be hosting the event. However, volunteers are always needed to assist with the process. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this great celebration, please Google or Facebook “Alsatian Festival of Texas”, or email [email protected]. If you’re simply wanting to come out and experience everything that Castroville has to offer, by all means, make a visit to this Hill Country haven known as “The Little Alsace of Texas.” Their culture, lifestyle, and home in the heart of Texas begs to be explored!

So, come early or stay over, and take the Historic Walking Tour, visit the Castro Colonies Living History Center and the Steinbach Haus Visitors Center, to see and experience how life has been for the past 175 years.  You’ll enjoy all Castroville has to offer.