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Celebrate Llano Founder’s Day this June: Texas History Comes Alive

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Throughout the year, Llano County turns out event after event, making it one of the most active small communities in the state. From Western Trappings to the Chuck Wagon Cook-off, there’s always something fun and engaging happening in this quaint community that rests alongside the Llano River. Llano might also be one of the proudest and most welcoming communities in the state. That’s saying a lot, considering that Texans are known for our Texas-sized state pride and hospitality. We like to show off what we love. Each event Llano hosts showcases local history and honors the area’s rich heritage, paying homage to those who came before. That special community pride will be on full display this June at Llano Founder’s Day.

Llano Founder’s Day will be celebrated on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at The Llano County Historical Museum. The event will be an appreciation for the founding of not just one great city but also several charming surrounding communities like Tow and Castell. Mike Reagor serves as Chairman of the Committee of the Historical Society of Llano County and also as a board member for the Llano County Historical Museum. In an interview, Reagor shared some of the important aspects that Llano County Founder’s Day will celebrate. He spoke passionately about that historic moment on June 14, 1856, when early inhabitants of the area met “at an oak tree by the Llano River to determine the county seat of Llano County.”

Celebrate Llano Founder's Day this June: Texas History Comes Alive
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The appreciation that Reagor holds for Llano history was evident as he talked about celebrating the community’s founding. He spoke about the significance of farmers coming into town to exchange goods and making their way in that new world. Llano’s chuckwagon events bring these moments back to life each year, and the Llano County Historical Museum keeps this rich history alive throughout each season.

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