Charlton Heston Fights Jack Palance in a Classic Western Scene

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Tony Maples Photography


The classic 1953 western movie “Arrowhead” features a fight scene between Charlton Heston and Jack Palance. These two legendary tough guys filmed one of the most riveting Hollywood fight scenes ever. Any Charlton Heston western or Jack Palance western is compelling to watch, but the two legends together make for an unforgettable movie. “Arrowhead” also starred dark-eyed beauty Katy Jurado and was directed by Charles Marquis Warren, who later went on to bring the radio show “Gunsmoke” to television.

Video: YouTube/HomunculusREX

“Arrowhead” stars Charlton Heston as Ed Bannon, a cavalry scout in Texas. Jack Palance plays Toriano, the son of an Apache chief. The two ultimately must face each other down in combat. Jack Palance starred in many westerns throughout his career, including when he earned an Oscar for his supporting role in “City Slickers.” Heston was no stranger to the western either, starring in many classics of the genre, such as “Will Penny” (his personal favorite) and Sam Peckinpah’s “Major Dundee.” What’s your favorite Palance or Heston movie?