Chicken Fried Steak With Queso Gravy… What in the World?

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Combining two things we absolutely love here in the Lone Star State, chicken fried steak with queso gravy has got to be one of the most Texan things on Earth. In West Texas, the town of Lamesa proudly waves the flag as the site where the most delicious accident ever took place, claiming to be the founding site of the first chicken fried steak. They even hold an annual festival in its honor! Queso (or chili con queso) has questionable origins, but for argument’s sake, we’ll just say Texas has brought it to a level of fame usually reserved for the finer things in life… and what could be finer than a chicken fried steak with queso?

Shared by Copy Me That (and even a site from the NY Times… because everyone knows how many New Yorkers eat CFS. But we digress…), this version of chicken fried steak has that same savory fried flavor we know and love. But it’s combined with a creamy queso gravy which will have your mouth watering. We generally smother these meals with a country gravy, but adding a queso taste sensation to the mix is a real check-mate move in the fine food department. Those looking for a break from the every day will appreciate the flavor this twist adds to the mix. Those looking for anything to smother with cheese, your chariot awaits!


Chicken Fried Steak With Queso Gravy... What in the World?

Photo: Facebook/Isaac Laughhunn

Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Beef top round



Oil for frying

Cheese…for gravy (wink, wink)

The NY Times site actually provides the original recipe ingredients, amounts, and means for preparing this most Texas-worthy dish. Copy Me That provides the ingredient listing, but then links directly to the Times’ site for cooking instructions. So… the choice is up to you. The simple fact that someone in New York appears to have come up with this concept and shared it online before anyone in Texas is an absolute jaw-dropper. Nonetheless, kudos to them. The step-by-step process is fairly standard, as far as chicken fried steak goes, and the queso gravy is nothing short of amazing. Melting cheese into anything just promises more of the creamy, gooey goodness you’d already expect from the recipe. And this one certainly delivers.