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Christmas Without Daddy: The Coldest Texas Christmas

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Tony Maples Photography


“Well guess I’ll go. Now remember to ring us if you need anything. You want me to start the fire before I leave?”

“Oh no, thank you anyway. Tad and I will do that right now.”

Just then a truck pulled up in front of the house and honked. “It is Bernie the mailman,” said Mr. Thompson. “Wonder what brings him out on a cold Christmas day?”

Mr. Thompson opened the front door and the porch door. Bernie yelled, “Got a special delivery letter for Mrs. Andrews and Tad. Thought it might be important, so I wanted to bring it on out here.”

“Thanks Bernie,” said Mr. Thompson, as he retrieved the letter and gave it to Mommy who had walked out on the porch. “Well Mrs. Andrews, Tad, reckon I’ll being going. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you I will,” said Mother shutting the door after waving goodbye to Mr. Thompson. “Well, Tad, let’s go get under the covers and read our letter.”

“Okay Mommy, but then can we eat and open the presents?”

“Well, let’s read our letter, then go feed the cow and calf and break the ice for the horses. Then we can have our Christmas.”

“Okay Mommy, but read the letter fast.”

“I will, my darling.”