Cocktails to Cool You Off From the Texas Heat

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Sorry kids. You can’t have these frozen cocktails. They are designed for the 21 and up crowd. For those above drinking age, don’t miss these recipes to beat the heat. Whether you want fruity or chocolatey, you’ll find a cocktail recipe to chill you out. And you don’t have to wait until July to break out the blender and ice. Since it’s hot in Texas 11 out of 12 months of the year, you shouldn’t be afraid to serve these drinks all year long.

1. Bourbon Peach Slush

Bourbon Peach Slush Cocktails Speckled Palate

Photo: Pinterest/The Speckled Palate

When you have extra peaches around, you must try The Speckled Palate’s bourbon peach slush. This makes a great way to use up peaches from a harvest by pureeing them into a peachy syrup. Keep this in your recipe box of cocktails for a quick, cooling slushy treat that’s for adults only.

2. Pineapple Coolers

Pineapple coolers Pizzazzerie Cocktails

Photo: Pinterest/Pizzazzerie

Do you love pina coladas but think the taste is too coconutty? Try Pizzazzerie’s pineapple coolers. For the best taste and texture, use fresh pineapple when preparing these cocktails. Sipping one of these tropical treats will take your taste buds on a trip to the islands.

3. Frozen Watermelon Margarita

Watermelon Margarita Living Locurto

Photo: Pinterest/Living Locurto

Few things capture the taste of summer better than watermelon, and many mark enjoyable evenings with margaritas. Living Locurto has merged the refreshing flavor of watermelon with the chilling deliciousness of a margarita in these frozen watermelon margaritas. Imagine cooling off with one of these icy treats as you relax from a long day.

4. Frozen Grasshopper Cocktail

Frozen Grasshopper Cocktails Worth Whisking

Photo: Pinterest/Worth Whisking

Fruits typically take center stage in summer cocktails, but if you favor minty chocolate, Worth Whisking’s frozen grasshopper cocktail is for you. The mintiness comes from crème de methe. A splash of crème de cacao and chocolate sprinkles rimming the glass makes this a chocolatey drink that is exclusively for adults.

5. Frozen Sangria

Frozen Sangria Gimme Some Oven

Photo: Pinterest/Gimme Some Oven

Gimme Some Oven shows a shortcut to making a two-minute frozen sangria. You need a bag of berries in your freezer and a couple of other ingredients to make this recipe in as much time as it takes to ask, “Do you want a drink?”