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Austin Tattoo Artist Offers to Cover Up Offensive Tattoos for Free

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Over the weekend, tattoo artist Elias Mora of Blindside Tattoo Studio on South First Street in Austin, Texas was featured on KXAN for his offer to cover-up tattoos for free. But, he isn’t talking about masking tattoos of poorly done tribal designs or names of old lovers that people grow to regret.  Instead, Mora wants to create new pieces of artwork to cover offensive or hateful symbols tattooed on peoples’ bodies who have since rethought their ways.

Mora knows how capable people are of changing once they set their minds to it. “Tattooing is my second opportunity to show my son and family that I could do things the right way,” he told KXAN as he worked to cover-up a swastika tattoo on a man who has bettered his life and reconsidered his toxic way of thinking. Mora maintains that everyone deserves a second chance.

On Facebook, Blindside Tattoo Studio shared their excitement for Mora’s success and thoughtfulness. “He went from being our apprentice to graduate tattoo artist and now he’s you’ll see him on the news tonight!!!” they wrote.

Follow Mora on Instagram to see how he continues to better people’s lives by making positive artwork to wear on their bodies.