Cowboy Up with Hill Country Artist Jay Hester

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Tony Maples Photography


Jay Hester, the cowboy hand behind the stunning Western and Native American art, has called Boerne, Texas his home for more than 20 years. His paintings come from the heart and mind. He wants to leave an impression for generations to come about the beauty of how everything was and has been in years past.

“My goal in life is to give this generation and generations to come what is often held captive in the mind’s eye and lost forever. My hope is that when people view my work they will discover the infinite beauty of the world around them.” – Jay Hester from

Jay Hester in his Texas Studio

Photo: LinkedIn, courtesy of Jay Hester Studios

Creating pieces of Western and Native American paintings in Texas and New Mexico, and also sculpting amazing bronze sculptures, Hester is a true inspiration to future artists in the Western Genre. His latest pieces include layers surrounding the Texas Hill Country. Hester re-creates moments in present and past history through his paintings, and Hester’s “Stories of the Land” is going to execute his first solo exhibition in over 20 years. The exhibition will be held at J.R. Mooney Galleries in Boerne, Texas opening October 7 and 82016. Hester will include a multitude of medium and large sized oil paintings capturing some of the great historical events that occurred in the Texas Hill Country; he wants to showcase his love for the spirit of the Texas Hill Country though his paintings. Some of which he has been exploring include: The Legendary Dr.Herff of Boerne, Comanche raids at Linnville, ambushes at Plum Creek, the camel depot of Camp Verde in Centerpoint, Texas Ranger skirmishes at Bandera Pass, and Native American settlements around Little Joshua Creek.

Original Oil Painting “Cowboy Coffee” by J. Hester

“An artist,” is to say the least about Jay Hester. He is a magnificent painter as well as sculptor. Some of his bronze sculptures are immaculate. He creates beautiful masterpieces from his memories of places he has been and things he has seen. He wants to keep the history for future generations to learn from. He wants to create memories of the past and present through his art for future generations.

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