Take a Texas Day Trip from Houston to Eagle Lake

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Want to travel but can’t due to Covid-19 isolation and quarantines? Many who live in large cities like Houston are eager to escape and “get out of Dodge.” Here’s a suggestion: Take a day trip to Eagle Lake.  The unhurried drive from Houston on back country roads to Eagle Lake will soothe nerves. You’ll refresh a weary spirit as you enjoy trees, hills, farmhouses, and animals.  This small but historical town is known for duck and goose hunting and is popular with hunters and hunting clubs. Many refer to Eagle Lake as “The Goose Hunting Capital of the World.”

Okay, ready? Let’s go. Leave Houston and head west toward San Antonio on Interstate 10. Highway construction becomes heavy as you near Sealy, Texas, but no worries, before you reach the major construction mess, you’ll exit and go south toward Simonton on FM 1489. This winding, country road is a joy to maneuver. You’ll cross Bessie’s Creek three times before you arrive in Simonton. Ole Bessie and her creek are known to flood in heavy rains, but the land is beautiful as you meander the trail and cross Bessie’s streams.

Take a Texas Day Trip from Houston to Eagle Lake

Photo: Gay Lewis

The first stop on your day trip is The Brookwood Community. This beautiful facility, located 40 miles from downtown Houston, is a non-profit facility. Brookwood provides residences and vocational programs for adults with disabilities. Founded in 1985, The Brookwood Community sits on 475 acres of rolling hills, and the vista provides a feast for the eyes. Plan to stop for lunch at the Brookwood Café. While you dine on fancy, delicious cuisine, gaze at the lavish gardens. They are maintained by residents. Reservations are required for dining, so make them before you head out. After lunch, browse through the gift shop. You’ll find unique items, many made by residents.

Leave The Brookwood Community and continue south on FM 1489. When you arrive in Simonton, turn west on FM 1093 and continue the lazy route to Wallis, Texas. Travel north on Hwy 36. Don’t worry, you aren’t going back to the Katy Freeway yet. You’ll go about a half-mile, and turn west again on 1093 toward Eagle Lake. About fourteen miles later, proceed northeast on FM 3013 until you come to the turnoff to the Attwater Prairie Chicken Refuge.

Take a Texas Day Trip from Houston to Eagle Lake

Photo: Gay Lewis

The Attwater Prairie Chicken Refuge covers about 3,400 acres and it’s near the San Bernard River. The Prairie Chicken once numbered in the thousands but now is an endangered species. Car and audio tours are available.

After your tour of the refuge, return to FM 3013 and journey on to Eagle Lake. Eagle Lake is a sleepy town, and the lake is privately owned, but the public can enjoy about a mile of it. In Eagle Lake, you’ll find a small Buc-ee’s store. Most of these stores are large, but this one isn’t. This Buc-ee’s is tiny compared to others. However, you’ll find clean restrooms, gifts, and snacks. If you haven’t had lunch yet, try the Texas Seafood and Steakhouse.

After the relaxing drive, either retrace your route or return to Houston via the Katy Freeway. If you choose the I-10 corridor, be prepared for heavy traffic and road construction.  Retracing steps takes longer, but remember, you’re on a stress-free adventure.

Physical Address:
1206 APC-NWR Road
Eagle Lake, Texas 77434

Phone: (979) 234-3021
Fax: (979) 234-3278
Email the refuge

The Brookwood Community
1752 FM 1489 – Brookshire, TX 77423