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Deer Collisions Have Increased in Texas

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From October through December, drivers are more likely to get in a deer-related car accident. State Farm Agent Alex Post told KHOU that this is due to the fact that during this time of year, deer are in their mating season, which makes them less cautious. But collisions involving deer are already up this year in Texas, so drivers need to be extra careful in the next few months.

During dusk and dawn, more deer might be spotted on the road. Post recommends using your high beams on dark roads to see any creatures that might be walking across, but be aware that bright lights scare the animals. “It’s really important to understand that deer can be temporarily blinded by light, so if there are deer in the roadway and you have your high beams on, just pay attention. They could be startled,” Post stated.

Post went on to say that many people try to swerve out of the way when they see a deer, but it’s better to slam on one’s breaks instead because swerving often leads to more vehicular damage. Surprisingly, claims filed after hitting a deer averages around $4,000, so it’s best for everyone and everything to be as careful as possible on the road.