This Houston Couple Takes an Awesome Selfie Whenever They Travel the World

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Tony Maples Photography


Justin Greak, a Houston-area teacher, and his wife Christina are quite the adventurers. This lovely pair has been traveling the world for about five years, but in 2013, the couple decided to take their travel obsession to the next level.

Incredible, jet-setting escapades followed that not only took advantage of Justin’s school schedule, including those epic 3-month long summer breaks, but also strengthened their relationship beyond measure. Their trips are all documented on Justin’s website, Justin Goes Places.

This is the pair in Iceland, where they drove around the country by car for two weeks.

They typically plan most of the larger trips during summer break and try to spend at least two months of the year abroad, while also taking advantage of December’s holiday break. Following a trip to Switzerland, they began to take selfies in each location, like this one in Austria.

And they don’t neglect the United States, either. In fact, it was their trip to the Pacific Northwest that really sparked their travel bug. Here they are in California.

Greak told the Daily Mail that he “always felt that life is entirely too short to stay in one place. There are so many incredible things to see in our world, so many interesting people to meet, and so many adventures to embark upon.”

It makes you want to start planning your next vacation, doesn’t it?