This Dinner Fork Hack Could Save Your Life

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Tony Maples Photography


This is one life hack that could potentially save your life one day. One man invented a way to create a sturdy dinner fork door lock that can be placed in almost any door frame.

While this method requires preparation in advance, it’s actually a fairly simple way to create the extra lock that could stand between you and a scary situation. Also, the cheaper dinner fork you can find, the better because it will be easier to mold.

He simply measures the depth of the lock, places his fork in a vice grip, and hammers it into a 90 degree angle. Then, he saws the handle of it away and makes sure it moves snugly between the tines of the fork. Again, the cheaper the fork you have, the easier it will bend and break away.

When you have your own dinner fork lock ready, just stick the tines into the lock, close the door, and thread the handle through the tine gaps to create a secondary, sturdy lock to ensure that you and your loved ones will be safe.

It’s safe to assume, also, that most generic locks are the same depth, so make one of these dinner fork locks at home and always carry it with you in case you find yourself in a situation where you need one.