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3 Reasons to Discover Sisterdale Texas This Winter

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Just outside of Boerne, Texas sits the small community of Sisterdale. Sisterdale, whose population was roughly 25 people in 2000 (and is rumored to have swelled to perhaps 30 or so people these days) is an unincorporated community that is slowly but surely being discovered. With its close proximity to Boerne, Sisterdale is finding its footing in the local restaurant scene and has become a stopping-off point for folks traveling the Texas Hill Country.

History of Sisterdale

Sisterdale Dance Hall

Photo: Facebook/Sisterdale Dance Hall

The first known European settler to establish permanent roots in Sisterdale was Nicolaus Zink, an educated German engineer. Zink fell in love with the area while on a side trip from New Braunfels where Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels hired him to survey and lay out the town of New Braunfels.

Zink and the people who followed him to Sisterdale were not average Texas pioneers. They were highly educated people who spoke several languages and were proud of the fact that they could both read and write Latin. They were the freethinkers of their time and their goal was to form a type of Utopian society in Sisterdale. Their form of utopia in Sisterdale was to work hard in the fields during the day to earn the necessities of life. At night they gathered together for stimulating, intellectual conversations about literature, music, philosophy, and politics – oftentimes The Sisterdale Dancehall was the center of this activity. This spirit of enlightenment is still felt in Sisterdale today with its pride in community and history.

Here are three must-visit places in Sisterdale:

1. Rock Harbor Hill Country Lodge

Sisterdale Texas

Photo: Facebook/Rock Harbor Hill Country Lodge

If you’re looking for a place to stay outside of popular Boerne, look no further than the Rock Harbor Hill Country Lodge, located in Sisterdale. Built with fieldstone from the surrounding property, the Main Lodge is a replica of an old German homestead built in the late 1800s but with all the modern amenities. The perfect venue for a wedding or just a quiet weekend away, Rock Harbor Hill Country Lodge will feel like a real escape.

2. Sister Creek Vineyards

Sister Creek Winery
Photo: Facebook/Sister Creek Winery

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