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Interactive Art Piece at Discovery Green in Houston Lets You ‘Talk to the Trees’

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KHOU 11 reports that nature lovers of all ages should head out to Discovery Green in Houston before February 26th to take part in a free interactive art installation called “Hello, Trees! A Walking Serenade.” From 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. every day, this art piece stays on for people walking by to participate in, and while the white archways that zig-zag over the path look elegant during the day, they really come alive at night with colorful LED lights dancing up and down the angles.

The Discovery Green website explains, “Created by the Montreal art collective Daily tous les jours specifically for Discovery Green’s live oak allée, Hello, Trees! transforms your voice messages into light and music, inspired by the inaudible connections and processes that exist in nature.” The public can approach the “input stations” on either side of the installation to speak into a microphone which then manipulates the person’s voice and plays a more musical version through additional speakers down the line. At night, the LED lights also respond to the voices, and if two voices meet in the middle of the archways, “a special light and sound effect is triggered.”

Check out the videos below from KHOU 11 and Jill Jarvis to see the art installation in action.