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A Dive-In Movie in Deer Park, Texas

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Looking for a unique treat that the whole family can enjoy? Why not go to a dive-in movie? You read that right… “dive-in.” Deer Park’s Dow Park Pool (Houston outskirts) has annually hosted dive-in movies where families can attend and swim, float, or just dip their toes while a movie plays on large poolside screen. And they’re not the only ones. Austin and Dallas have tried out this interesting enterprise, only to find that the events are actually selling out.

A Dive-In Movie in Deer Park Texas (No That’s Not a Typo)…

Photo: Facebook/Deer Park Parks & Recreation

Fluorescent and even glow-in-the-dark swimming tubes and toys have been seen at these functions (brought by the users of course) while kids play or watch the film, moms and dads enjoy some downtime and can cool off at the same time, and the community pool gives an interesting new take on public use. Under the watchful eye of patrolling lifeguards, safety is, of course, first and foremost, while family fun takes a close second.

A Dive-In Movie in Deer Park Texas (No That’s Not a Typo)…

Photo: Pinterest/Christina Costello

The concept is a hit, apparently, and drawing people from throughout the state simply for something unique and fun to do in Texas. In an interview with the Houston Chronicle in 2015, Parks and Recreation Director, Scott Swigert explained, “Last year, there were a couple that we sold out, which is good. But this year, this one sold out in only three days.” And social media fuels the buzz, “We saw a picture on Twitter, and I was like, ‘I have to try this,'” said Amber Webb, then 19 years old. Lacy Stole, Deer Park Aquatics Supervisor, identified fielding calls from across the state who had plans to drive out to the area just for the films. “Today we had someone from Dallas and San Antonio who drove down, and they said it’s just a cool idea, and not a lot of people are doing this as we’re doing it.” Check your local community pool for this novel idea this summer, or visit the Deer Park pool for a dive-in movie road trip!