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Doss, Texas is an unincorporated farming and ranching community in Gillespie County. It is only 14 miles Northwest of Harper and 19 miles Northwest of Fredericksburg. The area was established by the Doss brothers, John E. and Thomas C. in 1849.

Flora and Fauna is abundant in Doss, ranging from pecan trees, mesquite trees, prickly pear cactus, wildflowers, and oak trees. Farm livestock, Texas horned lizards, white-tailed deer, and armadillos are also abundant in the area. Bird watching enthusiasts would be happy to know that doss is home to the summer tanager, kinglet, spotted towhee, lark sparrow, painted bunting, goldfinch, white-crowned sparrow, chickadee, finch, hummingbird, and warbler.

The beautiful St. Peter Lutheran Church and Squaw Creek Primitive Baptist Church are two churches within the Doss area.

Hunters from the community gather together at the Doss Country store where they can front porch sit on cedar benches and watch cattle graze. The Doss Country Store is a little slice of heaven, serving up the finest scratch Texas Hill Country food. They were featured in Texas Monthly for its remarkable food. The store also sells feed, hardware, and hunting supplies.

Texas Hill Country is all about comfort food. Hill Top Cafe, in Doss, is a great place to find comfort food, Greek food, and Cajun food.

The Quiet Hill Ranch is the perfect getaway spot in Doss. It is a combination of a dude ranch, spa, and bird watching observatory. Talk about a great combination bed and breakfast!

Doss Texas

City Summary
Population: 225 (2000)
Elevation: 1,729 ft
The Doss Country Store was featured in the Texas Monthly for their amazing food.
There is a great abundance of flora and fauna in the community.
Hill Top Cafe serves a variety of comfort food, Greek food, and Cajun food.
The Quiet Hill Ranch is a fun bed and breakfast that offers a dude ranch, spa, and bird watching observatory.

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