Bees Attack Couple After Collision with Electric Pole

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Don’t drive under the influence, and don’t mess with bees. Seems like common sense, right? Last week, one Kentucky couple had to learn these lessons the hard way.

Noah Elkins, 36, and Priscilla Simpson, 35 took some drugs and then set off to find a place to swim. Unfortunately, Elkins found an electric pole instead. The man drove right into a pole near Gary Lee Anderson’s yard. The power lines began to fall, yet that wasn’t the most immediate danger.

ABC 13 reported that Anderson said, “The guy came out, screaming and squalling and running around, about like a chicken with its head cut off.” Elkins had knocked over a hive filled with angry bees during their collision.

Anderson, who was already outside feeding his chickens, didn’t realize what was happening at first, but he saw the couple run for his hose and begin spraying each other down. Anderson yelled to them, “‘You need to get out of that water,’ but I didn’t know he was getting eat up by bees. I thought he was just high.”

Even Anderson himself was stung a few times since the bees were so highly perturbed. But he certainly has an interesting story to go along with the welts.