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Eat Your Heart Out at The Last Pig Stand in Texas

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San Antonio is full of historical novelties, places, and structures that provide a window into the past. One such place is the Pig Stand restaurant, located on 1508 Broadway. Part of a now-defunct chain of restaurants which opened in 1921 on the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the Alamo City Pig Stand is the only one left, and it’s a great place to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Have a Pig Sandwich anytime. They have been the menu’s signature item for nearly a century.

Eat Your Heart Out at The Last Pig Stand in Texas

Photo: envato elements

The first Pig Stands were all about the curbside service. Customers would drive up, a waiter hopped on their car’s running board, food came out, and a meal was consumed in the vehicle which brought them there. Drive-thrus were the next advancement to ultimate dining convenience. San Antonio’s Pig Stand was the 29th one opened, and by the 1930s, there were 130 versions of the eatery in the U.S.

Times changed, however, and by the year 2005, only six Pig Stands were left in Texas. Despite some success, the San Antonio Pig Stand closed down until Mary Ann Hill stepped in. Having worked at the Pig Stand on Broadway since 1967, she hated to see it close. Now, she owns it! Stop by to enjoy an individual jukebox at your booth, and reveal in the Pig Stand innovations of fluorescent lighting, air conditioning, Texas toast, and a country-fried steak sandwich. Vintage photos adorn the walls, and the ’50s diner theme is prevalent.

Can’t get enough of the pig theme? After stuffing yourself at the Pig Stand, wander over to Southtown and see if you can find a giant pink pig which used to provide shelter for another establishment’s carhops. It’s rumored to be near the studio of artist Carlos Cortes, who is the third generation of “faux bois” concrete related to Dionicio Rodriguez. Happy hunting!