Eggnog Thumbprint Cookies are a Sweet Holiday Treat Sensation

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Thumbprint cookies have been a recipe in the repertoire of many a holiday baker for years. The thought of a scrumptious center to a cookie, created by placing the baker’s thumb in the center and filling it with a tasty little treat, is something that generally gets the taste buds going! Well, Eggnog Thumbprint Cookies will definitely generate that, and then some. Shared by, these little beauties are perfect for Christmas and have the unique eggnog flavor many Texas households have come to know and love, relating to the holiday season.

Recently, we shared how Borden Dairy (local to the Lone Star State) was releasing a new flavor of its traditional eggnog, with gingerbread in the mix. Its something that attracted a number of readers, considering the ability to make use of it at family gatherings (just like Clark Griswold did in “Christmas Vacation”) and the blend of traditional Christmas flavors and smells. Although you won’t be able to make use of Borden Dairy’s newest release in these cookies, there’s no reason they wouldn’t make the perfect pairing! We’re guessing this recipe for Eggnog Thumbprint Cookies will go far in your family, landing somewhere near the top of all-time favorite holiday treats!

Eggnog Thumbprint Cookies

Eggnog Thumbprint Cookies are a Sweet Holiday Treat Sensation


Key ingredients for this recipe include:








INSTRUCTIONS: shares the full ingredient list, measurements, and all the instruction for making delicious Eggnog Thumbprint Cookies at home, to share with your family and friends over the Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day holidays. This recipe makes 48 cookies, so if you’re looking to make a larger batch or to gift them, you’ll want to do the math on your ingredients. Preparation and cooking time for these treats is listed as one hour, which will allow for some time to mix together, bake, and perhaps visit with your loved ones if you like to cook together as part of the holiday fun!