Have You Encountered the Legendary Texas Hairy Man?

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Aren’t local legends fun? Here’s one which may be new to you, and it even has a sign: Hairy Man Road! Do you know the origin of this Central Texas road name and its associated legend? Round Rock is where you can find the street. It begins off Sam Bass Road and is noted as a street sign directly above a stop sign.

Dating back to the state’s pioneer days, the story begins with a young child who was separated from his family in the 1800s, either by a tumble off a wagon or by floodwaters. His absence was not immediately noticed, and he went on to live in the surrounding wooded area known as Brushy Creek. As an adult, unused to the company of people, he stayed in nature and became a hermit, notable by his hairy physique, which may or may not have covered for his lack of clothing.

Have You Encountered the Legendary Texas Hairy Man?

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He apparently made his presence known to locals by scaring passersby, sometimes by running after lone riders, and sometimes by hiding in the trees over the road and dragging his feet over the top of stagecoaches. The Hairy Man met his demise, per the story, when one day he lost his balance, fell in path of a carriage, and was trampled. This tragic death perpetuated his place in history, as it is said he still haunts the road to this day, waiting in the foliage.

The city of Round Rock annually honors this local lore via a Hairy Man Festival, typically held in October to coincide with all things spooky. While information has not yet been posted determining if a 2020 festival will be held, check often to see who will be true to the Hairy Man and win the contest as the hairiest man (head, chest, and back are all counted!).