Escaped Flamingo Living ‘On the Lam’ Makes Recent Appearance in Texas

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Tony Maples Photography


An African flamingo that made its escape from the Kansas zoo back in 2005 has been spotted once again in Texas. The bird, which has continued to maintain its freedom for more than a decade now, escaped when zookeepers in Kansas failed to clip its wings. Making appearances in a number of states since then, this isn’t the first time this “jailbird” has toured the Lone Star State.

A recent Facebook update posted by the Coastal Fisheries – Texas Parks and Wildlife page recently stated: “What’s pink and white and likes to spend time in Texas? An escaped African flamingo from a Kansas zoo! Coastal Fisheries staff recently helped with the Texas colonial waterbird survey near Lavaca Bay and spotted this legendary flamingo. Nicknamed No. 492 for its leg band, this flamingo escaped a Kansas Zoo in 2005 and has been living its ‘bird’ life ever since. A treat for avid bird watchers, it makes an appearance every few years in Texas. #FieldWorkFriday”

Nicknamed No. 492 (as a result of its leg band), members of the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Coastal Fisheries staff recently spotted the flamingo close to Lavaca Bay. Considering his size and almost confident air, perhaps he’ll consider making our wonderful state his summer home. Living “on the lam” in the south for going-on 13 years, some of us could stand to learn a thing or two from this creative creature, which clearly just wants to be a free bird.