Explore the Seasons of the Texas Hill Country

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The entire state of Texas is one of the most unique states in America. Our state is so large that each region is vastly different from the others. Many people agree the Texas Hill Country is by far the most beautiful part of the Lone Star state.

People who have never traveled to our beloved state have a totally different vision in mind. Even in this day and age, many think the entire state of Texas is either rocky or flat, with dry, hot deserts, and cacti growing wild everywhere.  They envision everyone walking around looking like Marshall Dillon, riding horses everywhere we go with guns attached to our hips and wearing western attire at all times.

Visitors are always pleasantly surprised when they arrive to find such beauty in our state. Texas is known for having the bluest skies and the friendliest folks on earth dressed just like anyone else.


Photo: Pixabay

The Texas Hill Country never closes especially in winter. The fact is, more and more “Winter Texans” or “Snow Birds” are escaping their frosty cities up north to be in a warmer climate. Recently the Texas Hill Country was named one of the best retirement regions in the nation. There are so many wonderful things to see, do, and explore here; there’s no way anyone would be bored.

Central Texas, otherwise known as the Hill Country, is filled with the cutest and quaintest of tiny towns. There are miles of rocky terrain and gorgeous landscape with lovely streams, rivers, and lakes. You’ll enjoy watching all of the wonderful wildlife such as white-tailed deer, rabbits, and foxes, along with hundreds of other creatures, frolicking in the cooler temperatures. You may even get a glimpse of the occasional mountain lion. There are so many different species to entertain you. Most are absolutely beautiful and graceful while others can be so darn ugly they’re cute and many times quite comical.

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