Does the Fang Baby of Old Pearsall Road Actually Exist?

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San Antonio’s legend of the Fang Baby of Old Pearsall Road has become a story which has outlived generations who grew up in this Texas Hill Country city. Among the local tales of Donkey Lady Bridge, and a haunted San Antonio mansion, the Fang Baby of Old Pearsall Road is something you can actually Google. (And we have!) Although there isn’t a lot of material posted online, many a South Texas native is aware of the story that allegedly stems from the 1960s.

According to the legend, a carload of friends out drinking in South San Antonio were driving home along Old Pearsall Road. All of a sudden, the driver (identified only as “Pete,”) saw something small in the road in his headlights. For a moment, he thought was a toddler, approximately two or three years of age. To Pete, it looked as if the baby was hurt. It was only wearing a diaper and a small white shirt, and it had blood on its mouth. The driver swerved to miss it, and the car almost flipped in the process. The young men sat there, stunned, recovering from the incident. A passenger (referenced as “Eddie,”) insisted that it was a baby. After some argument and confusion about what they’d glimpsed, the driver took his passengers home, refusing to linger there any longer.

Does the Fang Baby of Old Pearsall Road Actually Exist?

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Following that incident, the driver woke up later that morning and decided to take a drive to Old Pearsall Road to see if there were any signs pointing to what they might have witnessed. He got a flat tire while he was there and removed the spare from the trunk to fix it. The story goes that the flat was so badly damaged, he wasn’t aware of two small puncture marks it had on its side. After changing the tire, he climbed into the back seat, grabbed a beer from his cooler, and after taking a long drink, he passed out from his efforts. He awoke from his dreams feeling a sharp neck pain. To his horror, he saw a toddler standing over top of him with a bloody shirt and mouth, having two long upper fangs protruding over his bottom lip. Legend has it that’s how Pete met his doom. According to the spooky tale, Pete’s sister later saw him in her dreams, warning her of Old Pearsall Road and asking for her prayers.