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Fans Quickly Figure Out That ‘Catfish’ Was Filming in Texas

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“My wife found Nev from catfish this morning!” Patrick Brown Instagrammed with excitement along with a photo of his wife posing with Nev Schulman, host of the MTV reality show, “Catfish.” Schulman, along with his co-host Max Joseph, were spotted in New Braunfels, filming for the hit TV show.

Schulman tweeted that he wanted to go to Gruene Hall on the night of the 1st, even though he knew it was “sold out.” Proving that celebrity won’t necessarily get you what you want in the heart of Texas, he later tweeted, “Lady working door at Gruene Hall said ‘I know who you are and you can’t come in.’ Felt very hostile. Oh well…” But he followed up with a post on Instagram that read, “Despite the recent tragedy, the amazingly upbeat people of New Braunfels have been so warm and welcoming. Thanks for having us!”

MySA.com says that MTV wouldn’t comment on the nature of their visit, so it’s unknown whether or not Nev and Max were filming the portion of the show that reveals the “catfish,” the show’s term for the person who is scamming or being dishonest in an online relationship. The only clue is a video posted by Dean Thorstensen on Facebook showing a meeting of sorts in a driveway. 

Texans will have to tune in to find out the whole story!