These Fashionable Handbags Are Empowering Women All Over Texas

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When the Texas Legislature passed a bill to allow concealed handgun permit holders to begin openly carrying handguns in late 2015, many fashion-forward Texas women were suddenly left with a conundrum: How can you safely carry a handgun, be able to access it quickly and easily, all the while still looking stylish and put-together? This is a problem that was presented to Becky Feeley of Texas Carpet Baggers leather goods located in The Old Village of Bulverde, and, not only did she solve it, but she has made lots of women feel empowered in the process.

Located in The Old Village of Bulverde

Beer Garden

Photo: Courtesy of Texas Carpet Baggers

If you’ve ever visited The Old Village of Bulverde, you just might feel as though you’ve stepped back in time. This little village is a throwback to when this area, located at the gateway to the Texas Hill Country on the 281 corridor, was just a dot on the map. What used to be dusty saloons and general stores are now mostly all women-owned, eateries, wine bars, and art galleries.

Nestled among these shops is Texas Carpet Baggers. If ever someone was looking to buy a nice leather bag, The Old Village of Bulverde would feel like just the place to do it. But Feeley wanted to also create an experience for shoppers in her store. She regularly custom-designs bags for customers in the shop and encourages people to sit for a spell in the beer garden (that she and her husband have lovingly created outside of the shop) and enjoy a handcrafted Texas draft beer.

Taking Back the Power in a Woman-Driven Industry

Ms. Kitty

Photo: Facebook/Texas Carpet Baggers

When Feeley embarked on her bag designs, she realized that no one in the handbag industry was giving women real power in something that they take so personallytheir handbags. Now, Feeley’s concealed carry purses (appropriately called the “Ms. Kitty”) make up 80% of her sales. Feeley travels all over the state, bringing her bags everywhere from art markets to rodeos, so that women may thoroughly investigate her bags in person.

Handmade in Texas

Texas Carpet Baggers handbags

Photo: Facebook/Texas Carpet Baggers

Each bag (made exclusively in Texas) boasts luxurious leather, some with hand carved wooden handles and a wood insert in the bottom, as well as light-colored fabric on the inside for better visibility. But, Feeley’s bags aren’t just for gun-toting gals, she’s got bags that cover everything from a simple, elegant clutch for a night out to a bag large enough for a weekend away.

At the end of the day, Feeley is adamant about using only the best supplies available, churning out a quality product that will serve ladies for years and creating lasting memories with her clients. She loves working with clients to design a special piece that suits their needs and relishes in creating bags that are as beautiful to look at as they are practical. And Feeley warns: If you carry a Texas Carpet Baggers bag, be prepared for women to come up to you in grocery stores and public bathrooms and ask you all about your bag because there’s simply nothing like them on the market.

Look for Feeley and Texas Carpet Baggers out on the road (follow them on Facebook) or stop by the shop in Bulverde, located at 2347 Bulverde Road, Suite 1. You simply won’t find a nicer, more spunky group of folks than the creative minds at Texas Carpet Baggers.