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Fischer Historic District Added to National Register of Historic Places

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The National Register of Historic Places recently listed the Fischer Historic District in Fischer, Comal County, Texas as a designated property of historical significance and deserving of preservation for generations to come.

According to its Facebook page, “Fischer district was settled by German immigrants Hermann & Otto Fischer in the mid-1800’ and became known as Fischer’s Store when Hermann built a log trading post to serve the community.” It is located in the northern corner of Comal County and makes up approximately 429 acres and includes over 70 buildings and structures that add to its historic character and significance.

Fisher Historic District

Fisher Store

Photo: Facebook/Comal County Historical Commission

The architectural beauty of the town dates back to the late 19th century and early 20th century. The area district is made up of the Fischer Store, the old grist mill, and also includes the Fischer Store School and Fischer Cemetery, as well as Fischer Hall and Bowling Alley. “The landscape and buildings form a cohesive district that represents the community’s nearly 170-year history,” shares its press release.

German immigrants brought their language, music, and traditions to the community. Time old traditions merged with a new way of life to form a unique Texas-German culture that resonated strongly throughout the town.

Despite other communities in the county closing many of its businesses, the Fisher Historic District managed to preserve its history and maintain its buildings intact despite facing the same economic challenges and pressures as the rest of the county. “The district was listed in the National Register for its association with mid-nineteenth century German settlement in Texas and Comal County, and as a rural community which continued to thrive through the twentieth century.”

National Register of Historical Places

Comal County Historical Commission

Photo: Facebook/Comal County Historical Commission

“The National Register of Historic Places is a federal program administered in our state by the Texas Historical Commission in coordination with the National Park Service,” states its website.

Being among those listed in this auspicious category brings with it national recognition of the historical or architectural importance of its property and worthy of preservation. “Buildings, sites, objects, structure, and districts are eligible for this designation if they are at least 50 years old (with rare exceptions) and meet established criteria. Plaques are available, but not required, for this designation,” shares its website.

To date, there are over 3,000 listings in Texas included in the National Register.