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Relish the Flavor at This Pickle Themed Restaurant

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If pickles are your thing, then you’re in luck. One Austin restaurant has turned this garnish into the main event. At The Pickle House, your favorite topping is no longer singing backup—it takes center stage. The Pickle House sells retail products for your pantry, along with serving a full menu of signature dishes. And yes, every dish on the menu incorporates a creative and delicious use of pickles.

Humble Beginnings

Relish the Flavor at This Pickle Themed Restaurant

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With its brick and mortar opening last year, The Pickle House came from humble beginnings. 10 years ago, when owner and originator Sam Addison moved to Austin from Virginia to attend culinary school, he began selling his homemade pickles at farmers’ markets.

The items were a hit at farmers’ markets around the areas. In fact, they were so good, a fiercely loyal customer base developed, to the degree that Addison was able to turn his hobby into a full-scale operation. Addison’s first company, Pogue Mahone Pickles, was born as a result. Once established, the small business went on to win The National Good Food Awards an unprecedented four times in a row in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

After the unexpected success, and earning both distribution and sponsorship from Whole Foods Market, the vision for a pickle themed restaurant began to take shape.

A Culinary Twist

Relish the Flavor at This Pickle Themed Restaurant

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The fried pickles served at the restaurant are a best-seller and fan favorite. The traditional dish is made to an unbeatable quality, and the creamy dipping sauce brings this appetizer into another stratosphere. Some of their other appetizers include tasty items such as pickle deviled eggs, pickle-fried chicken bites, and house-made pickle chips and queso.

The main menu items take traditional southern comfort foods and adds a particular relish. The pickle fried chicken, a touchstone item on the menu, incorporated pickles into the batter along with secret spices, creates a tangy and flavorful experience that’s one of a kind. The restaurant also features several burger and sandwich options, along with an in-house pickle bar if you can’t get enough.