Exploring a Food Lover’s Paradise: Day 3 of our Boerne Adventure

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The Hill Country is alive with fun, food, and excitement—and nowhere is that more apparent than in the charming town of Boerne. Looking to treat yourself and fall in love with the Hill Country? Look no further. Boerne was chosen as the destination for our team’s big Hill Country adventure, and we spent three amazing days in Boerne exploring a unique side of the Hill Country! (Read about Day 1 of our Boerne adventure here and Day 2 here.)

The morning of our third and final day in Boerne, we fueled up on breakfast at Black Rifle Coffee Company’s first brick and mortar store in Texas, located on the Hill Country Mile. Black Rifle is a brand that inspires deep loyalty. This veteran-owned coffee company believes in two things—offering high-quality coffee and honoring veterans. With every purchase patrons make, they give back to veterans, law enforcement, and first responders.

Exploring a Food Lover's Paradise: Day 3 of our Boerne Adventure


After breakfast, it was time to meet up with our guide at the Father Gander statue, just across from the Dodging Duck restaurant, in River Rd. Park for a culinary expedition with the Hill Country Food Tour. Her enthusiasm for the history and culinary offerings of Boerne was infectious, and no one could ask for a more charming tour guide. She took us across the street to the Dodging Duck Brewhaus, where we enjoyed the best German sausage we’ve ever tasted, along with a cranberry sauce and specialty mustard. The pecan ale was a true stand-out on the beer flight, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Then we set out again, walking through Boerne while our guide shared the fascinating history of the town, from its establishment by German settlers to the rise of the world-class restaurants that call Boerne home today. The food tour is structured so that you don’t have to worry about overindulging at any one stop. Portions are staggered so you can enjoy every offering to the fullest, but by no means are you obligated to finished each dish. The Hill Country Food Tour is an absolute must on any trip to Boerne.

Exploring a Food Lover's Paradise: Day 3 of our Boerne Adventure


Our Boerne adventure was a delight from start to finish, and you can bet we’ll be back soon to experience even more of this great Hill Country town. In that sense, we’re like everyone who visits Boerne—one little taste and you keep coming back for more. What are you waiting for? Start planning your own Boerne adventure today! Check out Visit Boerne or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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