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Fort Worth to Consider Lowering Speed Limit in Neighborhoods

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Currently, the speed limit for neighborhood streets in Fort Worth is set at 30 miles per hour, but city council member Ann Zadeh would like to see it lowered to 25 mph. “I’m all about trying to make the places where people live as safe as possible,” she told NBC DFW.

Thirty miles per hour is the default speed limit for residential areas in the state of Texas. If there is an exception, there must be a sign posted to notify drivers. Zadeh wants to change the law in Texas to make it 25 mph, so they don’t have to go through and post new signs on every neighborhood street in Fort Worth. She’s hoping that the city backs up her idea, but if the notion won’t be headed to the state level, she hopes to at least make a change in Fort Worth.

WFAA points out Zedeh’s argument that if Fort Worth wants to pride itself on being a fit city where people enjoy biking and running, they should make the roads safer for people to take part in these activities. “People always complain about people speeding through neighborhoods,” she told WFAA, and she hopes that people are ready to do something about it.