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Fort Worth Pawn Shop Hopes to Find the Rightful Owner of This Diamond Ring

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Michael Meyer, the owner of Purple Heart Pawn and Gun on McCart Avenue in Fort Worth, wants to find the owner of a large, heart-shaped diamond ring that was brought into his store last Tuesday. On Wednesday, he spoke to NBC DFW to spread the news about the piece of jewelry.

According to Meyer, customers came into the store to sell Apple Bluetooth earbuds and this diamond ring. When he synched the earbuds to his phone, he saw that they were named “Lacy’s earbuds.” He asked where the customers acquired the earbuds and they said Craigslist. Already sounding suspicious, Meyer asked them about the ring, which they said they only wanted $100 for it. At this point, Meyer knew the items were most likely stolen since the ring was two to three carats, and he estimates it’s worth about $20K!

After a couple of days, Purple Heart Pawn posted an update to Facebook, saying:

“So we were able to find ‘Lacy’ the owner of the Apple Ear Pods that were brought in with the ring. Unfortunately she is not the owner of the diamond ring. However, the Colleyville Police were able to use the information and surveillance we collected to identify the thief. And are in the process of arresting him if they haven’t already.

As of now the Fort Worth Police and the Colleyville Police are working their sources to try and find the original owner of the diamond ring. The thief is apparently a suspect in numerous burglaries ranging from Colleyville to South Fort Worth so hopefully this story will help bring attention to the owner.”

Stay tuned to their Facebook page to see any more updates. And if you happen to be the original owner of this valuable ring, get in touch with Purple Heart Pawn or the Colleyville Police with proof of purchase and identification ready!