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Fredericksburg Insider: Eating With Dogs (and Kids) at Münch Food Park

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Two years in the making, after finding just the right place and lengthy negotiations with the City of Fredericksburg, we now have a food park. Who cares? People who like to eat outdoors at a picnic table with their dog and the kids in the playground, that’s who. Münch Food Park’s unique styling and central location went over well with the City, who changed the rules to accommodate this venture. Though the address is officially 108 Sunco Avenue, we know it is really on Highway Street midway between Hwy 16 and Hwy 87.

Fresh doughnuts, anyone?

Munch Mini Doughnuts

Photo: Facebook/Münch Food Park

These “fry while you wait” doughnuts attracted the owners 20 years ago when they were visiting in Ohio. They knew delicious mouth-watering melt-in-your-mouth mini doughnuts would be popular in Texas. They have had a trailer at Fredericksburg Trade Days, but now local doughnut fans can get lots of fresh-cooked cake doughnuts with a myriad of flavors right in the middle of town. They also sell Grin Coffee from Mississippi – cold or hot brewed coffee. “It’s not just for breakfast anymore!”

A Popular downtown restaurant is represented as well.

Munch Mahaley's

Photo: Facebook/Mahaley’s Cafe

Longtime downtown favorite Mahaley’s Cafe offers burgers and tacos at the food park. Their food is cooked just for you, so it will take a few minutes; be patient, it will be worth the wait!

Not just shaved ice!

Munch Maui Shaved Ice

Photo: Facebook/Münch Food Park

Not only can this summer-beating shaved ice be purchased, but Nathan’s famous hot dogs, too.

Stay a while and enjoy local wines and great craft beer.

munch bar

Photo: Robert C Deming

Sometimes there will be music, but there will always be room for kids, dogs, and friends in this uniquely-styled food park. Owners Kara and Justin Armes, self-confessed foodies for the last 20 years, worked long and hard to get this concept to reality. The city’s rules on food trucks limited them to six months in one location, but they were able to convince the staff and council that this project would fill an empty niche in a town seemingly crowded with restaurants. According to the city, “this was inevitable, but we loved how they designed this and where they chose to place it.” The rules changed, and the Münch Food Park is now a reality.  Check with them for current open hours as days/hours of operation are expanding as demand grows.

A truly family-friendly place!

Munch Playground

Photo: Facebook/Münch Food Park

With warm weather upon us, music starting in March, and two yet-filled food truck spaces, Münch Food Park is positioned to be a very popular place sparked by two young entrepreneurs.