Have Fun and Adventure in the ‘Most Boring City’ in the U.S.

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In 2014, Lubbock was named on the Business Insider list as the number one most boring city in America. However, visitors to the Hub City, as it’s called, just might be surprised at the wide variety of fun and adventure to be had in Lubbock. If you know where to look, Lubbock is anything but boring. When you’re passing through the South Plains, Lubbock is a great getaway from the everyday with a lot more to it than meets the eye. The hidden industry, atmosphere, arts, and culture of this city have made it a West Texas destination worth visiting!

Many of you will know that Lubbock is surrounded by fields of cotton. This crop continues to maintain its success in the region amid the limitless sun and semiarid climate that helps it grow. However, a crop of a different nature has also taken a foothold, producing some of the finest wines Texas has to offer. West Texas grape producers have found this area to be ideal for the nurturing of a product comparable to that of Napa Valley and Sonoma. Forbes recently posted an article written by Mary Ann Anderson with respect to the industry’s firm grip, and the legacy that it’s developing in the process.

Have Fun and Adventure in the 'Most Boring City' in the U.S.

Photo: Facebook/McPherson Cellars

Estimated to produce close to 90 percent of all Texas wine grapes, Lubbock and the surrounding area (within a radius of 100 miles) has helped to pivot the Lone Star State wine industry to the fourth largest in the United States. In the meantime, visitors who were previously unaware of their existence and the boon of a market they’ve been creating are now flocking to local vineyards. Pheasant Ridge Winery, Llano Estacado Winery, and McPherson Cellars are just a few of the highly popular and appealing wineries the city can boast. Does a special tasting from a great Texas winery sound boring to you? Of course not!

Have Fun and Adventure in the 'Most Boring City' in the U.S.

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In addition, the dining seen in Lubbock has kept up with the viticulture clientele, producing everything from trendy coffee shops to homestyle restaurants with hearty, classic comfort food fare, and from renowned pit barbecue to bistros. There’s also a craft brewery that produces top-tier tours and tastings in addition to made-from-scratch food that will knock your socks off! No longer is Lubbock simply considered a cow town in the middle of a cotton field, with nothing but burgers and fries to gratify your palate.

Have Fun and Adventure in the 'Most Boring City' in the U.S.

Photo: Facebook/The Blue Light Live

A variety of talented singers, songwriters, and musicians from all genres were born and raised in Lubbock. It’s no wonder the sounds of live bands play into the night in the city’s Depot Entertainment District. The tastes, sounds, and attractions of the industry reverberate throughout this West Texas oasis of the arts. A visit to take in Texas Tech’s campus-based collection of public art won’t disappoint. The National Ranching Heritage Center and the American Windmill Museum will have you inspired with the drive and passion of Lubbock’s earlier days. When the day’s fun is all said and done, excellent accommodations are in order. The variety of amenities Lubbock’s hotel scene offers is unparalleled in this region, and it sets the bar high for luxury while bearing budget considerations in mind. Set aside any pre-conceived notions of lonely stretches of dusty roads leading to a one-horse town. Lubbock has subtly risen from its cowpoke roots to become the quintessential West Texas modern metro area of the South Plains. All the fun and adventure to be had in this Texas city is proof that Lubbock is anything but boring.