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Woman’s Photo May Capture Proof of Paranormal Activity in Galveston

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Even though so-called paranormal photos have many people rolling their eyes with skepticism, others are like Agent Mulder in the X-Files, they “want to believe.”

ABC 13 reports that Nadine Lewis posted a photo in a Facebook group of an abandoned building located at Mechanic Street and 21st Street in Galveston. Lewis said, “I see this every morning when I go to work. I never see it at night.” The mysterious “this” she’s referring to is the silhouette of a dark figure in the window. “Kinda creepy,” she wrote.

While others on Facebook shrugged it off as a water stain or a shadow of an object leftover in the abandoned room, the paranormal reputation of Galveston encourages some people to believe.

HauntedRooms.com writes that Galveston’s past, particularly the massive Hurricane in 1900, lead to many deaths and tales of hauntings. In their list of “Haunted Places in Galveston” they rank the Tremont House Hotel as number eight. It’s only a few blocks from where Lewis took her photo. According to the website, “One of the most commonly spotted ghosts here is a Civil War soldier who usually haunts the first floor lobby, bar, dining room and office. He marches back and forth as though standing guard.”

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