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George Strait Leads Texas Tourism Campaign for Rockport-Fulton Post Harvey

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Leading the charge for tourism to return to Rockport and Fulton in the wake of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, the King of Country Music himself is starring in a new campaign to assist the area. Ten months after the full fury of the storm, parts of both towns are still in the process of recovery. George Strait has been known to hold the area dear to his heart, occasionally making his residence there at a home that he owns. Now Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce officials have revealed that he’s participating in the campaign free of charge.

Strait made a visit to the area approximately a month after the storm hit, joining the Governor of Texas in offering emotional support and encouragement to residents. The “Find Yourself in Rockport-Fulton” campaign features Strait in radio and TV advertisements encouraging tourists to make a return visit to the hard-hit area which was devastated when Hurricane Harvey made its August 2017 landfall. The TV commercials for the new campaign will commence this month in the Texas Hill Country cities of Austin and San Antonio. The radio commercials will also air in the Texas Hill Country, with a particular focus in New Braunfels.

George Strait Leads Texas Tourism Campaign for Rockport-Fulton Post Harvey

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According to reports, tourism in the area prior to the storm’s landfall was fueling the economy to the tune of approximately $101.1 million per annum. During a workshop at which the new advertising campaign was announced and released, it was stated that the tourism sector in Aransas County employs over 1,300 people, and contributes roughly $1.4 million to the coffers of local governments. Supporting this sector would only mean positive growth for locals and a wonderful vacation along the Texas coast for families.