The Hill Country’s Famous Ghost Pepper Wing Challenge is not for the Faint of Heart

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Tony Maples Photography


Texas Food Crawlers travels all over Texas trying foods at private and locally owned eateries. For this episode, they’re featuring some super spicy Texas wings. The ghost pepper wing sauce at the Hutto, Texas restaurant, The Downtown Hall of Fame, are so darn spicy that they require a signed waiver before you eat them.

The wing sauce is called their “cough sauce”, which would scare a lot of people away even before having to sign a waiver. The ghost pepper wing challenge requires eating 15 wings in just eight minutes. Participants can have a glass of water with no ice, ranch, or blue cheese. The winner takes home a gift card and a t-shirt. I’m not quite sure that’s enough to light my mouth of fire, but these people are going for it.

Natalie and Angel of Texas Food Crawlers head to The Downtown Hall of Fame to check out one of the ghost pepper wing challenges in action. After the group of contestants have the wings placed in front of them, the countdown begins! The group are quickly covered in sweat and sauce. Eriselda is named the winner after just five minutes into the challenge!

If you’re not into fiery hot wing sauces, The Downtown Hall of Fame has plenty of other famous sauces and other food options for the whole family.

Check out the the Texas Food Crawlers’ Ghost Pepper Wing challenge to see how all of the contestants faired.