Ghost Walk Takes Guests Through Most Haunted Town in Texas

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Texas is known for its fair share of spooky tales, ghostly and ghastly stories, and folklore about hauntings that might make your hair stand up on end. But according to these same stories, no place in the Lone Star State is more haunted than the town of Jefferson, where you can take a ghost walk and experience it in all its spooktacular glory!

With Halloween fast approaching, many people are looking for events and activities that draw their attention toward the paranormal and eerie things that go bump in the night. Such is the case during the entire month of October, when the Jefferson Ghost Walk itinerary gets booked almost solid! This East Texas town is known as a notoriously haunted terminus (for lack of a better word) with a past that has been recognized as “long and tragic.” To encapsulate all of the experiences that can be had here, the Jefferson Ghost Walk takes its guests to all the paranormal locales infamous for their eerie activity. Among them, a hotel with two centuries of stories to tell, a cemetery, and a historic Jefferson home which has been viewed as one of the most haunted houses in the entire U.S.

Ghost Walk Takes Guests Through Most Haunted Town in Texas

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Each weekend, beginning at 8 p.m., the Jefferson Ghost Walk takes visitors through the stories of each of its haunted sites. Cameras are on hand to capture and document paranormal activity at the various locations, which even includes the town square. Guests travel down dark alleys and through empty abodes, all the while hearing the tales of the numerous murders, misfortune, and paranormal phenomena that have found a home in Jefferson. Oakwood Cemetery is renowned on the tour as a place that no one in their right mind would go after dark. It’s the final resting place (if they’re actually resting) for the deceased of the 19th-century and up, including victims of cholera, Confederate soldiers, and several tragically departed.

Ghost Walk Takes Guests Through Most Haunted Town in Texas

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The ghost walk also visits The Grove, the aforementioned most haunted home in America. Built in 1861, this house is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. According to reports, each of its former residents were driven out in practically record time by the ghosts who are known to have made it their home. Among them, something that resides in the basement and will keep you up at night, a woman in a white dress, and a man who has apparently been seen in the garden.

Those who take the tour and require local accommodations may want to consider the infamous Excelsior House. It’s viewed as East Texas’ oldest hotel, spanning back two centuries and said to have been visited by such noteworthy names as Ulysses S. Grant and Oscar Wilde. The stories of hotel hauntings are said to keep people up at night! A headless man is known to roam the second floor, a young “lady of the night” who was said to have been murdered for her diamonds, and a woman dressed in black from head to toe, holding a baby, have been among its paranormal sightings.

Jefferson Ghost Walk tours leave from the local sandwich shop located at the corner of Vale and Austin. To obtain added details, tour specifics, or event updates, visit the official website at the link available here, or check out their Facebook page. Tour tickets can also be purchased at both links.