See 2 Beautiful Glass Frog Species Up Close

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The Brave Wilderness channel has brought us unusual, yet fascinating, videos like how awful a Texas velvet ant sting can be, but the show’s host, Coyote Peterson, is interested in more than just creating viral content. He truly loves nature and wants to share his finds and knowledge with his audience. In fact, you might remember that a boy in Longview who was recently bit by a poisonous snake knew what to do due to this YouTube channel.

In a new video published this week, Peterson shows fans two peculiar creatures, “invisible” frogs. He travels to Costa Rica to search for the glass frog alongside a frog expert in the dark of night when the amphibians are active. While sitting in the comfort of one’s own home, we get to watch as the Brave Wilderness crew seeks out the frogs in the wet, muddy rainforest.

If you’re only interested in getting an up-close look at the glass frogs, fast forward to about 8:45. And it’s pretty funny to watch Peterson “convince” the frogs to jump on the glass. Be sure to watch around 16:30 when you can see the frog’s heart beating.

View the species that inspired Kermit the Frog below.