Goat Yoga: The Newest Fitness Trend Across the Nation

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Goat Yoga is the newest trend popping up in cities across the nation and has made its way to Texas. Welcome to the “first and premiere goat yoga class in the Houston area,” shares its website. With a class of about 30 students and 20 goat classmates roaming around, this is definitely one for the bucket list to try!

Enter this unique setting and connect with nature as the goats wander around snuggling up and adding that extra touch to make your yoga all the more memorable.

What is Goat Yoga?

Goat Yoga

Photo: Facebook/Goat Yoga Houston

Yoga, in general, is a great discipline to connect mentally, spiritually, and be in tune with oneself while practicing various styles and poses. Goat Yoga kicks it up a notch by adding a touch of nature for you to connect with as the goats roam the area bringing their own kind of energy to your space as you meditate. “See how a soft touch from goat or two, is just the extra push you need in your practice,” shares its website.

The class is designed for beginners, but everyone is welcome to take in what could possibly be the best yoga class you will ever experience. “All teachers are at minimum 200hr certified by Yoga Alliance and insured,” states its site.


Goat Yoga 3

Photo: Facebook/Goat Yoga Houston

In case you’re on the fence about this newest exercise craze here are a few testimonials to sway your thoughts on trying this unique experience:

“A must! The workout was great. I’m a newbie to yoga and it was the perfect pace. The goats were the best part, not even going to lie! They walk around you while you do your poses and you can stop and love them and take pics. There are breakdowns in the workout where the goats get involved by standing on you. Every one loved It! The workout is followed by more goat loves and pics before the whole thing is over. We plan on going back. Rachel Henson is a wonderful instructor and you can’t beat yoga, goats and country music.” – Lindsey Griffith

“So much fun. I’m a goat lover so this was amazing! Teacher makes the class fun and easy to follow. I think her name is Rachel. Tons of goat loves to go around. Will definitely be going back.” – Blake Safely

Class Details

Goat Yoga 2

Photo: Facebook/Goat Yoga Houston

There are two locations to serve you, one in League City located at Butler’s Courtyard, and their North location, Goat Yoga Houston at Chantilly Country in Conroe. The classes are in high demand so registering ahead is recommended.

Mat rentals are available in case you don’t want yours ruined. Remember, your partners are goats and, unfortunately, they will probably need to use the bathroom during class.

“Try out the yoga trend sweeping the nation, while enjoying a few laughs when a baby goat sits beneath your downward dog or is put on your table top,” shares If you’re up for the challenge then this class will open up a whole new world of yoga for those seeking to enhance their meditation skills with a little help from a new friend.