The Only Good Snake is a Dead Snake? That’s Not Necessarily Accurate.

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Tony Maples Photography


As temperatures warm across the state, snakes begin to become more active across Texas. According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, over 100 types of snakes can be found in Texas, but just 15 are venomous (don’t call them poisonous, poison is ingested). Next time you come across one of these slithering creatures, give it a second thought before you grab that shovel. Snakes do a lot of good for us!

A video posted to Facebook by Patrick Jarvis Sr. shows what appears to be a non-venomous king snake eating a venomous copperhead.

In less than 4 minutes, the king snake has swallowed the copperhead whole.

As you can see some snakes do a lot of good. King snakes often prey on venomous snakes. Even venomous snakes do good by preying on disease-carrying rodents and insects which actually do pose a threat to people. Snakes do not prey on human beings. They are more afraid of you than you are of them and will likely not chase you, but try to escape.

The best way to stay safe from snakes is to be educated about them. Learn to recognize and identify the snake species that are likely to be found in your area. If you do come across a snake, leave it alone.  The majority of bites occur when people take unnecessary risks when encountering venomous snakes. Knowing what snakes look for in a habitat can help you know when to be on the lookout. Snakes like to feel secure, so they can be found amongst tall grass and debris piles. Keeping your property trimmed and clear will go a long way towards keeping your home snake free.