For a Good Time, Go to the Biggest Little Town in the World

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Whoever named Ozona the “Biggest Little Town in the World” did not underestimate its history and beauty, nor should you! Ozona is the only town in Crockett County, which is one of the nation’s leading producers of wool and mohair. A great way to begin your Ozona tour is to seek out their 19 historical markers. See if you can find them all, including the Perner House, the Ozona-Barnhart Trap Company, and High Lonesome Stage Stand. Then the journey will have begun!

For a Good Time, Go to the Biggest Little Town in the World

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Although uncertain, it is believed the area was populated originally by Lipan and Mescalero Apache groups. The community of settlers was founded in 1891, under a giant oak tree which still stands today, and became known as ‘Powell Well’ after land surveyor, E. M. Powell. He drilled a well and established a windmill, offering water and land for a school, churches, parks, a courthouse, and a jail.

The community’s location was chosen via election as the county seat instead of nearby Emerald, and the community of Powell Well became Ozona, named for the quantity of open air or ozone. By 1898, the local Crockett Hotel had become a stage stop on the road to San Angelo. Though remote, the area has maintained loyal numbers throughout the years. The most recent census puts population numbers as 3,225.

For a Good Time, Go to the Biggest Little Town in the World

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Being out in nature is one of the best parts of visiting Ozona! Walk the Crockett County Interpretive Trail to enjoy a collection of over 200 native plants within 100 miles of Ozona. It’s free and open year-round. Or ride at the Escondido Draw Recreational Area (EDRA) which is a 3,500 acre, 110-mile trail system for Off Road Vehicles. Difficulty ratings have a wide range, and they’re open to the public where all-terrain vehicles, side by sides, dirt bikes, and 4-wheel drive vehicles are ridden. Ozona, the biggest little town in the world, is a unique mix of the edge of the Hill Country and West Texas. See their harmony for yourself!