Grilled Pizza is the Perfect Way to Pass Time & Fill the Void

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Texas and the word “barbecue” go hand-in-hand. So, you would think we’d know a thing or two about grilling absolutely anything from A to Z. However, if you’re stuck around the letter P and can’t quite figure out how grilled pizza works, then the BBQ Pit Boys have you covered.

Their popular barbecue YouTube channel has been subscribed to by more than 1.8 million viewers, and their recipes include everything you might think you could possibly cook on a grill, and then some. They also cover tips and tricks, tools of the trade, and give great advice on cuts of meat or fresh ingredients they can recommend that will help you produce something absolutely classic! Every recipe they feature on YouTube has had a phenomenal response from viewers. In case you were wondering, they walk you through each recipe step-by-step, and grilled pizza is no exception.

Video: YouTube/BBQ Pit Boys

Grilled pizza might have you scratching your head considering, for the most part, we generally tend to throw meat on the barbecue. Sometimes we have done cabbage (who knew?!) and sautéed some vegetables on there, but the thought of baking or cooking an entire pizza from start to finish on the grill may come off as a little bit intimidating. Never you fear. The BBQ Pit Boys walk you through the making of the dough as well as covering it with toppings and the cooking temperatures and time on the barbecue.

If the social distancing we’ve been experiencing here in Texas has you sticking close to home, or your favorite pizza place perhaps hasn’t opened its doors yet in our reopening process, then trying something new like grilled pizza on your barbecue at home could be just the ticket. Learning new things such as recipes and cooking techniques can not only expand your abilities but also help to pass the time. When you’re done with this recipe, you may even move on to other things you can easily cook well and enjoy at home. Happy spring and summer grilling!