The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Texas Wine Road 290

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The people shown at the bar in Lewis Winery near Johnson City, Texas, are not idiots when it comes to wine tasting, but if you’ve been feeling like you are, there’s a fast fix for that.  Here’s how to change it in five easy lessons.

Rule #1: Be Nice to Your Server

Eva at William Chris Winery

Photo: Robert C Deming

This is Eva, and she will be serving you wine today. When you meet her you say, in a somewhat embarrassed fashion, that you don’t know much about wine, and this is your first time to visit a winery. Perhaps you even admit that the last wine you had was Mad Dog 20/20 at a party many years ago, and it came out badly. Eva is your new best friend. Eva has been here for four years, and new wine drinkers are among her very favorite customers. She has a life outside of the winery, too; her beautiful and interesting photos are displayed all around it. Eva is going to teach you how to get started on this journey.

Rule #2: Find Wines You Love

Wine Connoisseurs at William Chris Winery

Photo: Robert C Deming

This winery specializes in dry red wines. Other wineries will have different specialties. If you find a winery that matches your interests, you may want to join their club. Wine club members receive an agreed-on number of bottles of wine on a quarterly basis (charged to your credit card) plus invitations to exclusive events, like wine release parties and dinners, and may have free tastings for members and their friends to boot. This is the members’ area at William Chris Winery, where Randy, Janet, and Robin sit at tables instead of a stand-up bar while tasting.

Rule #3: Ask Questions

Wine Education at Lewis
Photo: Robert C Deming

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