New Harry Potter-Themed Candle Will Sort You Into Your Hogwarts House

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Tony Maples Photography


If there’s one thing Harry Potter fans unanimously love it’s the thought of being sorted into a Hogwarts house. WFAA reports that an Etsy candle maker has figured out how to give customers the feeling of being “sorted” through burning a candle! Once someone lights the candle the wax transforms to either green (for Slytherin), blue (for Ravenclaw), yellow (for Hufflepuff) or red (for Gryffindor).

Unfortunately, it’s already too late to order one of these candles to receive it in time for the holidays. In the Etsy store, called MuggleLibraryCandles, the seller has updated the listing for the product to read, “PRE-ORDER ONLY! THESE CANDLES WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL APRIL 2018!”

Customer reviews rave about MuggleLibraryCandles, and several people have commented that they were magically sorted into what they feel is their “rightful” Hogwarts house! The maker of the candles says she doesn’t even know what the result will be before she ships the pieces, so you’ll have to cross your fingers if you really want to be sorted into a specific house.

The Sorting candle smells like “…sandalwood, creamy vanilla, and patchouli…” which is meant to exude the excitement and hint of anxiety in the room of the sorting ceremony. The owner of the Etsy store lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and she periodically releases other fantasy scents.