Hearth & Hand With Magnolia: A New Project From Chip & Joanna Gaines

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Hearth & Hand With Magnolia is coming to Target. The “first couple of renovation” announced on September 12th that they are partnering with Target to introduce an exclusive line of products available November 5th.

In their blog on their website, Chip described it as follows, “Just as we’ve never created an exclusive line of product for a retailer before, Target has never done anything like this before either. Let me try to give you a visual: it’s like a little shop inside of Target. Jo keeps calling the look ‘modern farmhouse,’ whatever that means.” What that means for fans is now you can create the same looks and styles as seen on “Fixer Upper” right in your own space.

Hearth & Hand is a project the couple has been working on for a while, shared Joanna on her Facebook page. It’s one that’s really meaningful to them, and they are excited to share the news, stated Gaines.

The couple enjoys being at home on their farmhouse as they shared through their blog. “It is simply our favorite place in the world. It’s where we feel safe, and it’s where we feel the most known and loved.” They want others to feel the same kind of love for their home. “For some, home is the last place they want to be. There is something in me and Jo that wants everyone to feel the way that we do when we are at our farm.”

The couple gets so many requests to travel outside of Waco to work on renovating homes. This line is a way of bringing a little bit of their style into your home with a little help from the pieces Joanna has put together for you. “She’s made it easy for the rest of us who perhaps weren’t born with killer design instincts. With Magnolia Home, Jo has designed collections of essentials – from paint and wallpaper to furniture and rugs – that somehow magically work together without having to overthink it,” said Chip on their blog.

The couple shared that they are just now introducing this line because the timing wasn’t right before. They wanted to “establish Magnolia Home as a foundation.” Through the years they had many offers from various retailers to partner with them, but one stood out from the rest. The more they were acquainted with Target, the more they realized this was the place for their collection to call home. “There’s no other way to say it, this stuff is gorgeous. It has been really fun to watch Jo rock and roll with Target’s top-notch design team,” shared Chip.

In addition, with Hearth & Hand, they are also planning to work with various charities to help out how they can. “About a year ago, we decided to create the Magnolia Foundation to help local communities and families in need all over the country.” For more information and to keep up with the Gaines visit their website