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California High School Football Team Learns to Sign With Opponents

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In this week’s feel-good story, a California high school football team took the initiative to learn American sign-language before their game last Friday, October 27 against the California School for the Deaf.

The members of the Fresno Christian team spent the week prior to their match-up not only perfecting their game plan but also working to learn how to introduce themselves to their opponent during the before-game coin toss and captain meet-up. Nick King, a sports reporter and weekend sports anchor with  KMPH Fox News 26, a news station located in Fresno, California, shared this heart-warming video of the two teams finally meeting on his Facebook page.

The football teams were not the only participants in this memorable event. The Fresno Bee reported that a member of the officiating crew, Alexander Sanborn, who is also a member of the deaf community, played a role in this unique celebration of differences.

It is not often that we here in Texas find a reason to brag on California, but the kindness exhibited by these young men is to be commended. Afterall, whether you reside in the Lone Star State or make your home in the Golden state, selflessness and compassion are themes that stretch across both cultural boundaries and state lines.