Unmatched History and Scenery Await in Beautiful Brackettville

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Brackettville sits 120 from San Antonio on the western edge of the Hill Country. It serves as the county seat of Kinney County. Originally named “Las Moras” due to a nearby spring of the same name, Brackettville was renamed when Oscar Brackett established the first dry goods store in the area. Interestingly, the population in Bracketville has not fluctuated much since the 1880s.

Fortress of the Western Hill Country

Unmatched History and Scenery Await in Beautiful Brackettville

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Early in its history, the city survived Indian raids as well as economic depression as a byproduct of The Civil War. While the nearby railroad kept a steady stream of commerce and tourism, the establishment of Fort Clark ensured a steady stream of revenue.

After the Civil War, Fort Clark was used as a base in the Indian Wars, to stave off raids. It was also the headquarters to the Buffalo Soldiers. As a result, Brackettville became a diverse population for the area. Native Seminoles were also recruited from Florida and sent to Fort Clark as scouts for the Buffalo Soldiers.

Brackettville in Hollywood

Unmatched History and Scenery Await in Beautiful Brackettville

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Due to the nearby quarries and the plentiful amount of limestone native to the area, Brackettville boasts some amazing pieces of limestone architecture. “The Alamo” movie starring John Wayne was famously shot here. An area north of town known as “Alamo Village” where much of the film was shot still stands, though it is only available for use by appointment. American golden boy Jimmy Stewart also shot the films “Bandolero!” and “Two Rode Together” here as well. Famous resident Texan James A. Michener’s miniseries “Texas,” based on his bestselling books, was shot in Brackettville. Allegedly, Michener scouted and chose the location himself based upon research he conducted while writing the book.

On your way in or out of Bracketville, history and unmatched scenery surrounds you. Also, the nearby Las Moras springs awaits, and it’s considered one of the best swimming holes in Texas.